Boating 101

Our Licensed Captains Provide One-on-One personalized instruction for three hours:

-Explanation of boating terms/and your boat

-Prepping your boat to get underway

-Handling Lines

-Leaving the dock

-Low speed maneuvering

-Low speed/no wake transit

-Understanding throttle response below plane speed

-Getting your boat on plane

-Understanding trim

-Setting an economical and safe cruise speed

-Full speed run if conditions allow

-Maneuvering/turning at higher speeds

-Properly transiting wakes/waves

-Low speed maneuvering with explanation of current and wind

-Basic Docking - several evolutions with different approaches


$225 for up to 21' boat

$300 for over 21' to 30' boat

$400 for 30' to 45' boat

$350 on our center console training boat (22')

Training beyond the initial 3 hours is $75 per hour

All Prices are per outing not per person

*captains reserve right to decline any boat they do not feel comfortable operating